Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 4.05.05 PMMcKinley Facility Maintenance is a member of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM). We attend or exhibit at the PRSM National Conference and the PRSM Mid-Year Conference, both held annually in various locations throughout the USA.

Retail facilities maintenance is a large segment of the much larger facilities maintenance industry. Its focus is on providing maintenance and repair services of retail stores, distribution centers, outlets, lifestyle centers, strip malls and stand-alone locations all working in combination to support retail commerce.

The management of retail facilities differs from other segments of the maintenance industry as it typically consists of hundreds of stores located in multiple sites and cities. They commonly share a store layout and building footprint to maintain brand consistency standards.

McKinley Facility Maintenance is keenly aware of the requirements for expertise, responsiveness, communication and quality service that retailers demand in order to keep their stores operating. We have built our retail maintenance company in order to meet the needs of our PRSM member customers and all retail companies.

As an active member of PRSM, McKinley FM is dedicated to continued education and support of its own staff as it relates to the needs of the retail facility management professional and their retail companies.