How We Are Different

The McKinley FM Difference

The difference is in how we operate. This is driven by our investment in field service technology which allows us to work smarter, move faster and deliver a new level of service not seen in our industry before.

Wireless Service Work Orders

The initial difference is in how we operate once the work order has been handed off to us – after the email we receive or the work order is delivered from you facility maintenance system. We stopped working with paper years ago. It made us too slow. We transmit our work orders wirelessly to our technicians who are closest to you with every detail you send us. We are vigilant about tracking each and every job through our iPad-based field service technology to keep us connected to every move in the field. This allows us to dispatch faster, arrive on time, capture key data about your assets, fix the problem and report with accuracy.

Asset Tracking

We take inventory of every asset we may ever touch the first time we are on site at a location. We do this so we know exactly what we will be working on down to the serial number. This allows us drastically improve our first day fix rate as we are able to send the right technician with the right parts more often.

Capturing Key Data and Delivering Actionable Information

We implemented an asset tagging program for assets that do not have serial numbers, like most doors. This allows us to capture refined data about your work orders, including cause, asset condition, repair frequency and maintenance spend by asset type or down to the serial number. In turn we are able to deliver actionable information that allows our customers to make confident repair vs. replace decisions, implement damage avoidance training, forecast asset replacement budgets and more.

Self-Performing Experts

Having experts on the equipment they are working on means the job is done more reliably and faster. And when they are continually trained, quality and speed continues to increase. For these core reasons, we are able to provide our customers what they desire: expertise, responsiveness and trust.

First Day Fix Rate Approaching 90%

This is our goal as it is the key to the fast resolution of service requests. By leveraging our field services technology to eliminate wasteful assessment trips, and tracking of assets, we are able to save our customers time and money. Ultimately we believe it is about resolution. A high first call fix rate is key to being able to deliver resolution.

To learn more about how we operate,

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