About Us

Being the Most Trusted at What We Do

McKinley Facility Maintenance (McKinley FM) is a division of McKinley Equipment Corporation. We are a family-owned business headquartered in Irvine, California. Our facility maintenance service area encompasses the entire states of California, Nevada and Arizona where we self-perform our maintenance work. The company is dedicated to being the most trusted sales and service distributor in our marketplace. In fact, that is our mission statement.


It’s simple. We will always strive to be the best in our trades. This is why we require our technicians to be experts on the equipment they work on. Quality of work is expected, trained and managed. In fact, not a week goes by without some level of technician training. We do this to keep our people sharp and always learning.

At McKinley Facility Maintenance we believe that to achieve the highest level of quality you must have self-performing technicians. This is the principal way to be confident that the details of jobs and the urgency expected will not be lost.

The expertise and professionalism does not stop in the field. Our office team is equally proficient and held to the highest standards. Expertise and professionalism in everything we do is how we differentiate ourselves and serve our customers the best. This allows us to attract top-notch talent to our team, which in turn benefits all our customers as they are provided value through quality from each interaction with every member of the McKinley FM team.



We understand what urgent means. It is the state of mind in which we live while we provide service 365 days a year. We know you lose money and productivity when your doors, docks and other equipment are not working. At the retail level, it often means 100% of your capacity has become 0%. Urgent means NOW. We get it.

We know we are your eyes and ears in the field. And you need to know what is going on at your locations. We recognize you don’t have the time to be chasing down what you should know. This makes communication a priority for you and for us.

We treat being responsive as a requirement, not an option.



Trustworthy. No other word makes us prouder than when our customers use this word to describe McKinley FM. We strive to be recognized as not a vendor or service provider, but as a member of our customer’s own team. This means delivering solutions and beating expectations.

We invested in field service technology to deliver the best service to our customers. Doing this has allowed us to capture key data and deliver actionable information about your assets. It has also allowed us to improve speed, conduct asset tracking and improve quality. We made our technology investment to be better partners to our customers.

To make your FM life easy, partner with McKinley FM.